Product Information
Optical Communication / Information technology
Semiconductor laser module automatic alignment system
This system performs semiconductor laser module automatic alignment. High-speed automatic alignment technology PGAL1 is equipped in this system.
After setting a device, which is to be aligned and welded, the automatic alignment is usually completed within 10sec then adhesion and welding are performed.

The automatic alignment unit for optical device inspection
This system is the unit which utilizes our high-speed automatic alignment technology PGAL-1. 
The alignment is usually completed within 10sec after setting a sample.
It is also possible to include this alignment unit in automatic inspection system

Scanning FFP measurement system FFP1003
FFP1003 measures angular distribution of output beam from LD, LED and fibers with PD scanning method.
Dual-axis scanning mechanism realizes not only 1D- but also 2D- and 3D-profile measurement.
Laser focus displacement meter DM1002 (Discontinued)
DM1002 is a high precision displacement measuring system with a moving focal system.
Con-focal Laser scanning microscope technology is equipped in this system to achieve high-resolution measurement.
Spectrum measurement
Organic EL luminescence efficiency measurement system EL1003
EL1003 measures the current-luminosity characteristic, the voltage-luminosity characteristic, the voltage-current characteristic, luminescence efficiency, external quantum efficiency, energy transduce efficiency and a spectrum, and the various luminescence characteristics of an element automatically by controlling drive voltage and drive current.

Multi-channel current and voltage generator VI1002
This model generatesCW current/voltage on each channel (4 channels `32 channels) and measures the actual current/voltage on each channel at the same time.
LD light source
SM fiber output stabilized LD light source LDS1003
TLDS1003 is a compact light dource in combination with LD pigtail and driving circuit.
It generates 1mW light via SM fiber without any user adjustment.
Wavelength is 400nm region ` 1600nm region depending on LD.
Driving circuit adopts APC function for stabilized output power.
Output fiber is SM fiber for each wavelength to generate spatially circular beam without mode moise.
Company profile
Company Name PRECISE@GAUGES co.,ltd.
Head offce

283-4 Mikatahara-cho, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu-city, Shizuoka, 433-8105, Japan
TELF81-53-430-5023 FAXF81-53-430-5024



Founded October, 1, 1999
Representatives Representative Director Musubu Koishi
The contents of operating 1. Manufacture and sales of an optical measuring instrument, a sensor, and peripherals.
2. Export, import and sales of an optical measuring instrument, a sensor, and peripherals.
3 .Research-and-development trust work of an optical measurement system.
Main Products 1.Optical products Automatic alignment system
2.Optical products quality test system
3.Shape / displacement measuring system
4.Light emit device test system
5 Spectroscopic analysis system
6.Image processing system

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Head officeF283-4 Mikatahara-cho, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu-city, Shizuoka, 433-8105, Japan TELF81-53-430-5023 FAXF81-53-430-5024